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Welcome to Creatif Nine, a community and education network focused on unlocking creativity and inspiring innovation. We are a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who share a passion for creativity and a desire to make a positive impact in the world.


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Ellza Malok

Co-Founder | Board Memeber

Ellza Malok is a celebrated leader and a global marketing innovator. Ellza has been instrumental in shaping the way leading companies do business from early-stage start-ups to international brands. She has built her career around a relentless curiosity for new ideas and innovation. From building brand equity to sustainable growth to evolving entire portfolios of business with investment firms, she has developed a deep understanding of what it takes for companies to win in the marketplace. She is the founder of Blue Monarch Group, an award-winning business agency, that helps brands unlock true potential through data science and psychology-based marketing.


Ellza is also the serial founder of highly innovative businesses including an entrepreneurship & marketing education community (Creatif Nine), a bleeding-edge economic growth firm (Verro Labs), and a startup investment house (Istoria Ventures).

Victor Onadja

Co-Founder | Board Member

Victor is a graduate of the university of the Sorbonne (France), a high-level international trainer consultant, of certain African companies, universities, and school of management. In addition to a doctorate in strategy-marketing, he holds a DEA in strategy-marketing, a master’s degree in human and social sciences, as well as a license in marketing & international trade. 

He has worked with multinational companies such as Caterpillar in Africa, Ford, giving him an edge in terms of consulting in the fields of economics, marketing, sustainable development, as well as negotiations. Currently, it serves as a consultant for several institutions.

Sandy Anlar


Sandy is marketing consultant in the life science space who helps clients maximize sales and profits through growth strategies by providing strategy session, strategic planning, tracking sales ROI improvement, identifying industry trends and commercial opportunities. In addition, she is an experienced educator with 15 years experience. Taught both business and science courses in higher ed across accredited colleges and universities. Masters both in business and science.

Dr. Chaba Stéphanie Yavo


Dr YAVO Chaba Estelle Stéphanie, “Afrostrategist”, is from Côte d’Ivoire and an Assistant professor of universities (CAMES). She holds a doctorate in Strategy and Marketing obtained with the congratulations of the jury at the Alassane Ouattara University of Bouaké. Lecturer and researcher as profession, she is currently working at the African Center for Higher Studies in Management (CESAG). In this institution, she held the positions of Head of the Distance Education Department, remote site pilots (Abidjan, Ouagadougou) and Head of the CESAG Valorization Department (Incubator, CESAG Editions, and Technopôle). Her relationship with the business world began in 2008 with the family business Groupe Azimut Inter . She’s the founder of CLEA Foundation for young african leaders.

Simon Ouedraogo


He is known as the number one greatest coach. He is a trainer, entrepreneur, frequent traveler, metaphysician, author and international speaker. He his one of the rare and most famous and influential personal development coach of his generation in Africa. His videos totalize millions of views on YouTube and Facebook. Simon is the Founder of IMRIS, International Wisdom and Richness System. A50 is his great project which mission is to teach and empower all members to have a big vision for 2050. Become a billionaire before 2050. He has an interest and trust in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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